Start SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) in few minutes

Hi SQL Server Folks,

Here’s something interesting about Management Studio 2005 (SSMS)

  • When you launch SQL Server Management Studio 2005 on the server, it takes a couple of minutes (more than 5 mins in some case) before it  starts up and another few minutes to connect.
  • And, you observe from Task Manager that, there are sufficient (Memory and CPU) resources available.

Here’s few Tips to improve the SSMS ‘Start-up’ time:

Step #1. Un-Check Certificate Revocation

– Go to “Start” -> “Programs” -> “Internet Explorer” –> “Internet Options” –> “Advanced” -> “Security”

Step #2. Disable SQL Server Error and Usage Reporting

– Go to “Start” -> “Programs” -> “Microsoft SQL Server 2005” –> “Configuration Tools” –> “SQL Server Error and Usage Reporting” –> Uncheck following:

Step # 3. Disable Online Help Content for SQL Management Studio

– Go to “SQL Management Studio” –> “Tools” –> “Options” –> “Environment” –> “Help” –> “Online” –> “When loading help content” –> Select “Try local first, then online” or “Try local only”

#4. Enable Shared Memory and TCP/IP in SQL Server Configuration Manager

– Go to “Start” -> “Programs” -> “Microsoft SQL Server 2005” -> “SQL Server Configuration Manager” –> “SQL Native Client Configuration” -> “Client Protocols


I Hope it will help someone.



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  1. Nice and usefull post!

  2. Good one !

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