[Part1] Analysis Service is not accessible : A Connection can not be made to redirector. Ensure that “SQL Browser” Service is running

Hi Guys,

Before some time I installed SQL Server 2005 32-bit cluster on Windows server 2003 SP2 (32-bit) machine. All SQL Server related components were installed successfully. I patched both the nodes and it was successfull too. So i thought to give a try to connect all the components (i.e. Database Engine, Analysis Service, Integartion Service & Reporting Service) of SQL Server via SSMS.  I was able to connect all the components except Analysis Service. When I gave a try to connect it then it throwed me below error:-

Then I saw in services.msc to search for “SQL Browser” Service , it was running fine. Then I saw in cluster manager for “Analysis Service” , it was online too.


Then I saw in event viewer and found in Application below error:-


This gave me a clue so I checked the permission on F: drive for Analysis service account. Because whenever SQL Server tries to start AS it creates some files in path “F:\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.2\OLAP\Data” .

So  I follow the below mention steps to overcome this situation:- 

1.       Stop the service (if the service is starting)

2.       Rename the current “Data” folder to something else such as “Data_old” at the shared drive

3.       Create a new “Data”. Make sure the SSAS service account ” has “Full control” of the new folder. (compare the new data folder and the old data folder permission setting)

4.       Restart the service with the new empty data folder. 

After following all this I gave a try to re-connect AS but no luck again. 

Then I downloaded the Process Monitor tool to look deep in this issue. You can download this tool from below link:-


I stopped the AS and then started the Process Monitor, then I gave a try to re-start of AS and it came online. I went in to ProcMon and there searched for text “Denied” then I got below error:-


It gave me enough hint to troubleshoot this issue. I saw the permission for AS group account, it was already there but missing was “Network service” account. I gave full control to “Network Service” on path “C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.2\OLAP\bin” and then reboot the node. Now I gave a try to connect AS via SSMS and it was successful.

 Hope it will help someone.